The Orgasmastron SONG OF THE WEEK comes from British indie band Everything Everything with their latest single “Cough Cough”. These guys are getting a lot of airplay at the moment on Radio 1 so why not check them out and see what the fuss is all about? :)

Song Of The Week this week comes from our favourites, FAKE CLUB, with their super edgy “Do What Ya Gotta Do”. Here’s a funky little video featuring the song to backstage footage of none other than Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label. 

You can also download the track for FREE right here!

The first of our new Record of the Week’s this week comes from Grizzly Bear with their album Shields released last month. 

Here’s one of the singles off the new record called “Yet Again”. This Brooklyn based indie-rock band are causing waves at the moment so here’s what the fuss is all about…


Our “Song Of The Week” this week comes from Plan B with ‘Ill Manors’. 

Morning Orgasmatrons! 

Today’s SONG OF THE WEEK comes from The Clash with 'Police and Thieves'! Here’s the punk icons performing their version of the song live. Originally a reggae tune written and performed by Junior Murvin (their’s something you may not have known!) it is featured on The Clash’s debut and released exactly 35 years ago this week! 

Afternoon Orgasmatrons! 

Our SONG OF THE WEEK comes from Vanessa Paradis with this lovely little song, 'La Seine', from the film ‘A Monster In Paris’. Now probably most famous for being Johnny Depp’s other half, Vanessa’s talent shouldn’t go un-noticed…

Check it out! 

Morning Orgasmatrons!
Our SONG OF THE Week is an edgy little rock ‘n’ roll number by Lois & The Love called 'Rabbit Hole'. It’ll be a sure way to wake you up! 

SONG OF THE WEEK - “The Right One” by Phenomenal Handclap Band

Be sure to listen to this! A cool song with a cool video and a great beat :)

SONG OF THE WEEK - Jacques Dutronc - ‘La Paresse’